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A Trivia Challenge Collection for People: Over 100 Questions with Multiple Choice Answers (Paperback)

A Trivia Challenge Collection for People: Over 100 Questions with Multiple Choice Answers Cover Image
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*ALL RIGHTS RESERVED* This book has 121 new original trivia question type challenges. It features 11 new chapters. Each chapter includes 11 fresh questions with 4 multiple answer options. The correct answers are in the answer key in the back of the book. Questions contained within this work are of various levels of difficulty or ease, based on the knowledge of the participant. Suitable for any and all audiences; girls or boys, young or old, work or school. These original challenges are excellent exercise for the brain. They were developed to accompany the games shows En Route & Questerblition, which were created by Shawn Robinson.The chapters (categories) are; Chapter 1: Making It Look So Easy, Chapter 2: The NCAA Sort of Sport Way, Chapter 3: Television In the United States, Chapter 4: Thought for Food, Chapter 5: Forever Yours, Religiously, Chapter 6: It's a Small Small World, Chapter 7: Critically Speaking, Chapter 8: Betty / White, Chapter 9: Cycles and Cycles and Cycles Galore, Chapter 10: There'll Be Music Everywhere, and finally Chapter 11: WaterworksSubmitted for your approval are the eleventh questions from each chapter; Ch1: Q11: The American coin that, though it is physically larger, is worth half of the value of a dime; A: Dollar B: Quarter C: Nickel D: PennyCh2: Q11: The New England Patriots have what university to thank for grooming their super Superbowl winning quarterback, Tom Brady? A: U. of Montana B: U. of Missouri C: U. of Mississippi D: U. of MichiganCh3: Q11: It turns out that 'The Office' is very necessary, since 'Dunder Mifflin' is in the business of selling what? A: Mufflers B: Mittens C: Paper D: Jell-OCh4: Q11: Since it is not a real egg dish, if you want breakfast to be delicious, do not order the eggs...; A: Florentine B: Valentino C: Benedict D: NapoleonCh5: Q11: This text, a revelation from Allah, used by Muslims to achieve enlightenment, can be found acceptably spelled which two different ways? A: Bible or Byble B: I Ching or We Ching C: Shruti or Dwighti D: Quran or KoranCh6: Q11: Of all the tax returns submitted to the IRS for the year 2014, approximately what was the average amount of money refunded to each filer? A: $1 B: $30 C: $3,000 D: $100,000Ch7: Q11: The U.S. Department of State and Department of Defense have generated a list of more than a few 'critical foreign languages' that may compromise or could aid Americans and national security, including all but which? A: Hebrew B: Turkish C: Arabic D: LatinCh8: Q11: Beloved by all, Betty White, the female television star with the longest career, was born in 1922 and given this middle name; A: Mabeline B: Marilyn C: Marion D: MadisonCh9: Q11: The movement of an object in a complete circular course around an axis or another object is one; A: Elevation B: Evolution C: Revelation D: RevolutionCh10: Q11: Which instrument is made of a shell, a head and the hardware for holding the head to the shell? A: Harmonica B: Drum C: Horn D: PianoCh11: Q11: Maybe an apple a day keeps the doctor away because of all the pectin it has, or maybe because this much of it is water; A: 84% B: 65% C: 35% D: 16%

Product Details
ISBN: 9781980423294
ISBN-10: 1980423296
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 28th, 2018
Pages: 60
Language: English