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Crito Di Volta: an epic (Essential Poets series #275) (Paperback)

Crito Di Volta: an epic (Essential Poets series #275) Cover Image
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When 26-year old Crito Di Volta is released after 10 years of psychiatric institutionalization, he develops and launches Mortarismo—a new socio-political, psycho-spiritual, artistic movement— with the aim of deinstitutionalizing, and eventually reconnecting with, all of humanity. Called a work of genius and a poem that exceeds Allen Ginsberg's Howl in both authenticity and intensity, di Saverio’s epic Crito Di Volta is a strong pronouncement on civil rights, religion and art; and a daring revolt against the platitudes of contemporary Western society.

Praise For…

"Crito di Volta is the astonishing prophecy of a turn in our direction, from present-day triviality and self-contempt to a new life of imaginative joy and the superb energy of peace, the one true energy. “We must wake soon, or sleep unto our deaths,” the poem cries. And elsewhere, it sings the cure, “It is harder for the unloved to love, so let us love the unloved the most...” Marc di Saverio has somehow brought forth a culture-creating epic which at the same time is the imaginative biography of the suffering outcast of our time, of his family, his loved ones, and the world he loves, and also of what threatens these loves: our blind yet willful self-defeat. A prophecy, an epic, but also a novel in verse (and prose! and pictures!), a gallery of portraits, a fountain of images. A powerful unity of purpose within a harmonized kaleidoscope of new forms, both free and structured. Crito Di Volta is a work of genius, a completely original mastery of the art of poetry. Perhaps Di Saverio’s poem is most of all a white-hot fusing of love and anger, tenderness and brutal honesty, realism and hope, analytical insight and soaring vision. Or perhaps above all, Crito di Volta is a treasure-house of beauty: “And her vermilion hair, / curved along her forehead like an ancient sword, / quavered.” Or perhaps above all it is a quest and achievement of love on every page, as it embraces “black gleams of distance / and dolour that I too share in loving her.” —A. F. Moritz On every page of Crito Di Volta

"Marc Di Saverio stands in the everlasting 'emergency present' and sings with deep, authentic intensity and poetic force 'the melody-lines of people’s veins' -- and in so doing offers up an electrical, irrefutable masterpiece." —Russell Thornton

"Crito di Volta is a battle cry to break from our vaults, seize this time as ours, and steer our lives in a new direction with authentic, passionate poetry." —Margo LaPierre, Ottawa Review of Books

Product Details
ISBN: 9781771835213
ISBN-10: 1771835214
Publisher: Guernica Editions
Publication Date: May 1st, 2020
Pages: 200
Language: English
Series: Essential Poets series