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Systema Awareness Training (Paperback)

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Awareness is often listed as a top requirement for self defence. However, true awareness goes beyond avoiding dark alleyways This 220 page book is a guide to developing awareness through our senses of sight, touch, sound and smell. But there is more to awareness than that. It also explains how to improve your sense of balance, develop proprioception and, most critically learn to hone your intuition. From there you will learn how to apply those skills in situations, how to read body language, how to manage attention and how to deal with aggressive people. A highly practical book, jam-packed with practical drills and exercises, each fully illustrated, with clear and concise instructions. All based on Systema methods, scientific understanding and personal experience. This is a comprehensive guide to training all aspects of awareness and can easily be integrated with any type of martial arts, combatives or other traininig. CHAPTERS

VISUAL AWARENESS How the Eye Works Stick Catching Drills Reaction Drills Low Light Work Camouflage TACTILE AWARENESS The Homunculus Pushing Drills Sticky Hands Blindfold Work Using Equipment HEARING & SMELL The Amygdala Sound Drills Moving Quietly Working with Smell THE SIXTH SENSES How Many Senses? Balance Pain Control Proprioception Cross Body Drills Developing Intuition PERSON TO PERSON Body Language The Three Fs Reptile Brain? Pacifiers Eye Access Cues Personal Space The OODA Loop Fight Indicators Muscle Reading Cold Reading Misdirection Pickpockets

CHAPTER 7: SITUATIONAL AWARENESS Guidelines Integrated Awareness Positioning Verbals Home Security Improvised Weapons Preparing for Violence CHAPTER 8: CONCLUSIONS Are You Here? Changing Perception Social Systema Habits, Fear, Phobias Know Yourself

Product Details
ISBN: 9781646690008
ISBN-10: 1646690001
Publisher: Cutting Edge
Publication Date: October 14th, 2019
Pages: 226
Language: English