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Special Forces Operator: Serving with the SAS and Mrf (Hardcover)

Special Forces Operator: Serving with the SAS and Mrf Cover Image
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It is not just another war story: it is abrasive and defiantly politically incorrect. It has politics, secret agents and sex (but not so much); and the conspiracy of the globalist world order.

The killing part is the easy bit; the tricky part is finding the right people to kill.

Rob was a Special Forces operator with some of the world finest regiments and served in four national armies over a career that has spanned forty years and continues today. In 1965 he earned the converted Green Beret as a member of 2 Commando Australia. He left in 1968 to Southeast Asia. Finding work of a military nature in Laos, (in the war that never was). The end of the contract found him in England where he joined the British Parachute Regiment and completed three tours in Northern Ireland at the height of the troubles, taking part in Operation Demetrius. On his last tour, he was detached from his battalion and worked covert operations with a little-known group called the MRF (Military Reaction Force).

1974 saw Rob in Rhodesia as a member of the internationally acclaimed C Squadron SAS, where he was wounded on operations twice. This was a turning point in Rob's life as he surrendered to Christ becoming a Christian. He was to carry on as an operator, but now with a biblical world view. Rob was recruited in 1980 by the South African Defense Force and was a member of 6 Reconnaissance Commando Special Forces and later became an operative with what was commonly called 'the funnies' or CSI Chief of Staff Intelligence.

From 1996 to 2007 Rob was in South Sudan and Iraq, receiving a letter of commendation from the United States Army. Still active today, Rob specializes in close protection and tactical security training for civilian personnel.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781526785497
ISBN-10: 1526785498
Publisher: Pen and Sword History
Publication Date: March 23rd, 2021
Pages: 216
Language: English