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Spiritual Side of Sex (Paperback)

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Spiritual Side of Sex has been written to show the intricate secrets of sexuality and why sex is more than male and female genders could really explain. The mysteries of sex takes more than what we feel - the drive and passion for sexual contact. The implications of irresponsible sexual behaviors can open the floodgates of consequential repercussions that the impacts will last for years or even generations. In the old days, sex was not a common dialogue among different cultures: it was something secretive even though people were engaging in sexual intercourse. We are in a more open society today and the sex crave is explicitly open to the public.

Sexual open doors and luring temptations are no longer hidden. Sex trades exist even as sexual molestation and abuses are prevalent. Societies are bombarded by sexual contents - making it easier to embrace pornography and masturbation besides other hardcore sexual behaviors. The pull to continue to explore different sexual experimentation have driven many people into the pits of sexual abyss. Sexuality today has become more commercialized among us and children are being swept up into sexual victimization. The safeguards that make sex sacred has been destroyed through lust and perversion. Families are wrecked and the disability has left trails of wounded and destroyed victims of sexual molestation and abuses.

Households have wrap sheets of sex offenders hiding under the covers of family secret books. This is why bondage run deep in many families because deliverance does not come without true repentance. Hiding the family secrets are not the key to addressing bloodline curses; therefore, we are seeing common trends among family groups everywhere. As I speak to men and women around the world today, they share similar testimonies without knowing each other personally. What is happening in one place is also being experienced in different other places. What breaks my heart is their destitution and desperation to be set free. Many of them have been to several places - seeking for help.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781087910567
ISBN-10: 1087910560
Publisher: Indy Pub
Publication Date: September 9th, 2020
Pages: 236
Language: English