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The Happening (Paperback)

The Happening Cover Image
By Susan Varo (Illustrator), Susan Varo
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The Happening is a strange and frightening-fictitious tale that will make you think twice about the world around you. From the onset of this story, things seem quite odd. While you are reading this book, try to understand that things that can be imagined may actually come true. Have you ever wondered if the thoughts that you were thinking were real? Have you ever considered that it may be insight, premonition and signs that lead you to these thoughts? This story illustrates that this could actually be what is happening within the writings of the pages of this book. Suffice to say; there are things that have truly occurred, which makes what is written about eerie, and not easily explained. This writing, also, demonstrates the very nature of the evils some can do to others just for the sake of their own-personal satisfaction. There are, also, situations that will have results that are in direct contrast to these evil doers, because of the perseverance of the human spirit. Incidentally, the people involved in this tale learn the true meaning of suffering, terror and the fear of the unknown. In a world that is moving quite fast, some don't take the time to think or care about their decisions. Perilous consequences can arise out of greed and power, and there are those who live and thrive just for this. Yet, there are others who will pay the price. Overall, this story paints a gigantic picture of what may be the world where we now live and haven't given much thought. Can this writing be the beginning of a larger harbinger of truly-terrible things to come?

About the Author

Susan Varo is a visual artist who resides in Queens, New York. She creates beautiful, original-oil paintings on stretched canvas in the style of realism, abstract, still life and landscape. She has had many art exhibitions and has been acknowledged for her enormous talent. Susan also has a license agreement offering her original artwork on products. Thirty-four years ago, she began writing a book about thoughts she had about the future. It seemed to her as if the world was moving quite fast then, and within various industries from music to exploration. Her creative imagination inspired her writing style within this strange literature that actually seems to fringe upon a foreseeable future. When she began writing this book in the fall of 1983, life got in the way, as it does for many, and she placed the book to the side. Always mindful that one day she would have it published; the time had finally arrived early in 2017. Susan always loved science fiction, the universe, and mysteries, but something odd developed, as if she somehow tapped into these genres enabling some strange foresight. She can only explain that at that time, the future presented itself to her. It appeared suddenly, and it was in the now, like a moving picture. As she started writing, she had begun getting bombarded by many things she started to see. There have been so many signs and strange premonitions that Susan wondered, if they could possible come true. There seemed to be new inventions, and technological developments that were to take place in the world that seemed out of the ordinary to her in the early 80's. Since so much of it rang out to her, unequivocally, and unabatedly, as a true possibility that she decided to turn it into a story. Can it be that what she had thought were just imagined ideas of developments forthcoming, turn out to be something much more? Susan's other interests include, poetry, photography, travel, music, mysteries and history. Many of her poetry writings have been published in the Queens Times. You can view Susan's artwork on her website at www.myworksofart.com and you can follow Susan on Twitter (@MyWorksofArt) and on Facebook at MyWorksofArt.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780692246160
ISBN-10: 0692246169
Publisher: Susan Varo
Publication Date: May 19th, 2014
Pages: 260
Language: English