First Author Event AND First In-Store Storytime!

Over the past few days, we have so many reasons to be grateful: 
#1 - Our first author event on Thursday, Sept. 14th was such a special evening for us and we hope it was for those who attended. We can't thank Daniel Ford (whose book Sid Sanford Lives! is out today!), Alex Segura, and Radha Vatsal enough for being such a great panel and for sharing such insightful details into their lives as writers. The Friends of Maple Grove Cemetery - "Where History Comes Alive" astounded us with all their hard work while preparing and during this event. Thank you for letting us share this stepping stone with you! Also, thank you to the Brooklyn Book Festival for having us as a Book End event!

If you missed this evening, don't fret! Thanks to Writer's Bone podcast, you can give it a listen here:…/episode-222-live-with-authors-…

#2 - Our last storytime of the summer at Socrates Sculpture Park was on Saturday, Sept. 16th and we've enjoyed so much collaborating with this amazing park. Special thanks to Audrey Wildfire Dimola for inviting us and being so supportive since the very start!

& #3 - Sunday, Sept. 17th completely blew us away! Thank you to all those who attended our very first in-store Storytime day. It was our second year joining the Kew Gardens Community Art Day, and it's a tradition we hope to continue being a part of for years to come! At the beginning of every hour we had groups of your kiddos join us (and a couple even assisted!) to read so many of our favorite picture books. We had so much fun!

We also shared very exciting news for those who stopped by...

Starting Oct. 7th, we will be opening every weekend! On Saturdays from 11-7PM and on Sundays from 11-5PM. It will be a soft open of sorts so we can gradually see what books our community is interested in and that way tailor our hours and stock to your liking. Eventually we will open on weekdays, but for now we are excited to see you on a more constant basis.

As always, thank you so much for being so supportive and amazing! We will see you all again very soon!