We invite you to a sneak preview of our new home!

Hello there!

We hope you are having a fantastic summer!

As you probably know, our bookstore renovation is underway (shout out to Vina's pop for all his amazing hard work). Shelves are going up, doors are being painted, and our kids mural is just about to be illustrated by a local author/artist... 

We can't wait for everyone to finally walk into our doors, at least to see a tiny bit of it... And so we thought, what if we did just that? We've decided to open our doors for two weekends and you can take a sneak peek until our store is 100% ready!

Kew Gardens, as the home of our bookshop, has welcomed and supported us since the start and we try our best to return the love. They are, for the very first time, hosting an independent film festival, which starts August 4th until the 13th (click here for more details on that).

Our plan is to open August 5th-6th and 12th-13th from 12PM-8PM.

Besides a sneak peek, we will have a book sale! You will find our new shelves (!) filled with our new and favorite books, we are bringing back our blind date books, slightly used yet loved discounted books, handmade journals by Holly (!!), bookish totes/mugs/and more!

We really hope to see you there, and while the peek is a tiny one - we hope you love our store too!

Vina, Natalie, Holly