The race to (the remaining) $50,000 starts NOW!

We are kicking off the half point of our campaign with ZEST! ENTHUSIASM! ENERGY! GUSTO! ZEAL! LET’S DO THIS!

We are so excited to add QNS Made to our Kickstarter! Not only are they full of Queens love through and through, but they support our efforts and have generously donated cool beanies and (don’t mind if we grab some too) patches! You will get both of these for $35! This why QNSMade thinks bookstores matter (especially in Queens): 

"We personally feel books help us slow down to take a breather especially when we find ourselves consumed by social media and having all of this information available at our fingertips. It can get overwhelming for us as adults, so we can't imagine what it's like to be a pre-teen or teenager in today's world trying to process all the same information around them while going to school and trying to figure out who they are and who they want to be.

The times have changed since we were young and today's generation grow up in tech and having a phone as a part of their daily lives, but we still believe in the tangible (books) and physical spaces (bookstores, libraries, etc.). In spite of technology, we all still yearn for face to face interactions and conversations away from our screens. So if the newer generations seem out of touch, apathetic, or blasé to books and bookstores, maybe it's about changing the approach to peek their interests and bringing them into the conversation earlier—not as children, but as equals.

Bookstores and libraries were such a big part of our lives growing up. We remember our mother taking us every weekend to our local branch a few blocks away from home. That said, independent bookstores are vital in Queens. As a working class borough they are a place and source of education outside school walls. It is a safe space parents can bring their kids. Books nurture our well being, it transports us to different lands, we come to understand different walks of life, and we are able to empathize with others because of the characters we read about. So any place that houses books for the community is only a plus! Independent bookstores serves the community it is in, rallying the locals for events and daily pop-ins—so we definitely welcome the ladies of The Queens Bookshop Initiative!"

We have THREE new amazing authors donating signed copies of their work. We start off with the lovely illustrator Kate Gavino's Last Night's Reading. If audiobooks more your thing? No sweat! Lance Rubin has donated a signed copy of Denton Little's Deathdate, which he narrates himself! And finally, we are SO excited to have the great Beth Revis’s support! She has donated a signed hardback of Shades of Earth! 

Please know we appreciate each and every one of you. And we know that the entire borough of Queens will be grateful too once we’ve reached our goal and we start building up the bookstore we all deserve! 

Also, we really want you to be more involved on our social media (and your cute pets too, of course) so…. 

Email us ( an image of your pup/kitty/bunny/plant/etc with a quick handwritten note asking others to donate! Forward it to your friends too with our Kickstarter link
We can reach our goal with your help! 

Hugs and love,
V, Nat, Holly.